While we would certainly like to believe that being the most experienced engineering company in the nation is enough to convince everyone, sometimes it is just the tip of the iceberg. Let us share with you why thousands of clients have chosen us over the years. It may seem like a lot to read but if you are really not sure of who to choose……you will after a few minutes of reading. Have questions? Call or e-mail us now…we are here to help in any way we can.

Be A Smart Shopper

USTAGI has the experience when it comes to performing tax savings strategies. Why go it alone searching endlessly for the best performance, best service and best prices. USTAGI has gathered all of that for you with one a “One Call Does It All” system.

We Cater to Small as Well As Large Properties

Only exceptionally large accounting firms have in-house engineers who can perform a cost segregation study and they do this at substantial fees. Our low cost and personal approach resulted in our pioneering the development of the cost-effective method for all commercial property owners with property values as low as $30,000.

Complimentary Consultation and Analysis.

With USTAGI you receive a review and analysis at no extra charge. Our professional engineers will work with the building owner and his tax advisors to see how we can best lower income taxes to create additional cash flow.


With thousands of studies conducted across the US, our level of experience is unequaled. You won’t find that with any other engineering firm in the US and that is a fact!

Nationwide Service.

USTAGI has performed studies for building in every state. We are a nationwide company that can perform studies on buildings with a cost as little as $300,000 up to the largest multi-million-dollar commercial buildings.

Service Staff

Because your account is placed directly with one of our Sr. Account Managers, they are your dedicated service staff during the entire process. This means one point of contact and not multiple people to coordinate with you, your tax advisors and the engineers. Personal service means “one on one” customer care – always.

Value Pricing

Like the old saying, “you get what you pay for” nowhere more than in the engineering field does this hold true. Not all engineering firms or engineers are created equally. Legal, licensed firms such as ours who provide quality studies have real expenses and in order to maintain high quality services, they have to remain profitable. Our pricing structure takes into consideration all of your needs and compared with another firm of equal quality we will not be beat on price. Special prices are extended to property owners who own multiple buildings.


USTAGI is a highly respected and experienced provider of engineering-based tax savings studies that use the protocols and processes of an IRS-approved methods. In the unlikely event of an audit, we provide support and will defend any challenged point. With over 5,000 studies performed USTAGI has been asked to defend only a handful of studies…. all of which were accepted by the IRS.

Contracted Services

It’s all in writing. USTAGI provides you with a written contract and payment terms for each study we perform. Its more than just an email saying that we will be there.