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Modeling Program

Own Investment Real Estate and Pay Income Tax?

A New, Affordable Option to Accelerate Depreciation is Available

If you have a building where the land has already been carved out, and the building is less than $500k in basis, we can Model a Cost Seg benefit very inexpensively.  This includes single-family investment property or any other property type.


Despite popular belief – it doesn’t matter what kind of building it is.

Is the Modeling Method for you?

How Does It Work?

With the Modeling Method, we can eliminate all three components of the scope, and leverage our extensive Cost Seg database and statistical modeling tools.  By doing this – we can determine an accelerated depreciation model which can get you the tax savings without having to go to the field, run the cost estimating, or implement the legal analysis.

Audit Compliant?

With the Modeling Method, we can eliminate all three components of the scope, and Although the Modeling Method meets the requirements under the IRS audit guidelines for Cost Segregation; and is not an engineering study, it will get you very close to an engineering based study, without the high costs and fees. If you are audited in the future, we will stand by and defend the Modeling Method used because statistically our numbers are going to be right where they need to be. We provide audit support at no extra cost except for any travel, which is highly unlikely.

How Much?

If you want to do a modeling calculation on a project that qualifies – we charge a flat fee (less than $999) based on the number of buildings, the location (address), the type and major characteristics (size, stories, number of beds/bath, etc.). We do it all inside modeling software: it’s very efficient, and gets you the benefit without the level of effort and the cost. To get started – call or email and we will run a benefit estimate to see if you qualify.