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PrototypingAgricultureITModellingAerospaceManufacturingTechnologyCommunicationWarehousingMachineryStructuresOil/GasProcessesOpticsPower GenerationDigesterSurfacesChemicalsDesignMaterialsLogisticsSoftwareAutomotiveEngineeringCAD/CAMMarineFood ProcessingTooling/JigsHorticultureEnergyNew or improved productsNew or improved processesNew or improved services

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How long have you been investing in R&D projects?
What is your average annual R&D expense?
When you begin a R&D project are you unsure of the result? yes No
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Other Inputs:

Do you have engineers, researchers, or developers on staff? Yes No
Do your employees track time invested on each project? Yes No
Do you use subcontractors? Yes No
Do you use Consultants? Yes No
Do you use Test Facilities? Yes No
Have you applied for other grants, subsidies or tax credits before? Yes Yes
Do you hold or have you applied for patents/IP? Yes No
  Yes No
  Yes No
  Yes No
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