US Tax Advisors Group, Inc. (USTAGI) is comprised of a team of engineers who provide clients with the most cost-effective tax savings processes available in the industry.

USTAGI has unparalleled experience and an unequalled track record. Since inception, the IRS has recognized the preferred position of a company that uses the USTAGI engineered approach to cost segregation and other engineering-based studies. The result is the most cost-effective income tax reduction or elimination strategies available today.

Our History of Success

Our clients refer to us as “The Pre-Eminent Engineering Company for the Application of Tax Saving Strategies in America!” Our no cost review with the Tax Advisor and Accountant prior to beginning results in 100% anticipated success for every study performed. We will even address reasons why a study may not be appropriate before a study begins.

US Tax Advisors Group, Inc. takes great pride in providing valuable services for those who qualify. If you are a tax advisor requiring the correct application for your clients from a company with a 100% success track record and who guarantees the result of every study, then you should engage our services.

Our process provides the assurance of quality results in each project application. As such, the tax advisors that utilize our services are delighted with the results each and every time. With our detailed studies, the tax advisor is then able to apply it their client in such a manner that the most efficient and cost-effective tax treatment is realized.

US Tax Advisors Group, Inc. provides our services nationally. We are singularly focused provider of tax saving engineering-based studies whereby our referral sources are pleased to use us for each and every cost segregation application that presents itself. We are committed to providing an unsurpassed level of personal and professional service, resulting in the highest level of client satisfaction.

Our Engineering Team Objective

Our team will deliver a high quality and detailed engineered based study for all types of investment property at an affordable cost. We employ our expertise in engineering, architecture, construction, construction management and IRS guidelines in each study. Our studies maximize cash-flow benefits while conforming to strict IRS regulations. Further, we are committed to providing cost segregation studies for commercial, industrial and institutional properties of all types and sizes. We utilize our 100+ combined years’ experience in engineering, tax and finance skills with our mission to build on-going and continuous relationships one study at a time.