179d Estimate Intake Form



Data needed for all Projects:

• Building floorplan(s)

If yes, SiteVisitDate: Engineer:

• Lighting Layout Drawings and Schedule (Includes: Reflected Ceiling Plan and Electrical Plans Showing Switching)
• HVAC Mechanical Drawings andSchedules
• Architectural Plans showing Elevations, Wall Sections, Details of the Building, Walls &Roof
• Window and Door Drawings, Schedules and Specifications.
• Invoices an/or bill of material (asapplicable)
Data needed for Lighting Only Projects:
• Building floorplans
• Lighting Plans including Switching andControls
• Lighting fixture specifications (Type, Wattage, #lamps)
• Contact information for Lighting Installer (must be a registered PE or Licensed Contractor inState)

Note: Acceptable drawing formats are PDF, TIFF, JPEG, DWG or hard copy. Electronic formats may be uploaded to USTAGI's FTP Secure Site – please contact your USTAGI representative for details.